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Introducing LemurFoundation

LemurFoundation donates top-up budget to charity clients investing in digital. The creation of our foundation formalises Primate’s approach to charitable work, making it easier to promote to the wider charity community, and making a direct impact by improving digital experiences.

Our ambitions for LemurFoundation are grand - we want to see it become a Pay It Forward scheme that allows our clients, friends and partners to support digital innovation across the charity sector. We’re already in talks with other agencies and organisations who want to do similar things, exploring an expansion beyond Primate.

Donating with purpose

Our Managing Partner Rebecca likes to think she was just appropriately on-brand when diagnosed with Breast Cancer on 1 October 2019 - the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

That diagnosis was just one in a series of difficult cancer experiences, following her husband’s own diagnosis in 2018 and unfortunate recurrence in July last year.

Over the past four years Rebecca has spent time searching for a wider purpose, and opportunities for Primate to make a real difference outside of just turning profit. We’re proud that she always looks for ways to wrangle positivity back out of a challenging set of circumstances, with the full support of Team Primate.

The creation of LemurFoundation is our first step on a philanthropic journey that I hope will grow far beyond the reaches of Primate, becoming the go-to fund for digital investment in the third sector. "

Rebecca McIntyre-Smith, Founder LemurFoundation & Managing Partner of Primate

Reporting as it grows

LemurFoundation won’t just donate time to charities, every March we’ll publish our annual Impact Statement, demonstrating how great digital features, tools, simple web vital improvements, can vastly improve the services charities offer.

We’ve seen these changes routinely with our own charity clients, and we want to share this knowledge, supported by data gathered across a myriad of charities.

If you’re interested in learning more, curious about whether we can help your charity or a charity you know, please check out our website.

Or get in touch: hello@lemurfoundation.com

We’re just getting started.