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Primate to be bought by contraceptive company and rebranded to Pre‑mate

From 1st April, Primate will be applying their digital expertise in performance, security, and accessibility to the exciting world of contraception.

Before you mate, Pre-mate

Initially Managing Partner, Gordon McLachlan, was reluctant to sell.

“When we were first approached, I said no way, we're not selling out to some huge corporate giant, we’re sticking true to our values. But then they offered me lots of money and I said yes immediately”, Gordon beamed. “I mean, I can now buy a yacht.”

Performance and uptime

Bart Oleszczyk, Technical Director, was keen to discuss the parallels between creating web apps and developing robust contraceptives.

"Performance and uptime are often overlooked, both when it comes to digital and family planning. You can have the best product in the world but that means nothing if it doesn’t work properly when you need to access it in a hurry."

User centred design

Similarly, Creative Director Steve Brown reflects on the comparisons between digital design and designing new contraceptives.

“Designing a condom is a lot like designing a website. We start by wireframing a concept, then designing it in high fidelity, then producing an interactive prototype for user testing. Lots of user testing. It’s my favourite part.”

A business pivot

Always looking for new opportunities, Managing Partner Rebecca McIntyre-Smith, was keen to pivot the company to embrace a new industry.

"After a thorough market analysis," Rebecca commented, "and the fact that the entire country has to stay at home for three months with nothing better to do, I think it’s the perfect time to pivot the business into family planning."

Products launching soon

Primate, sorry Pre-mate, will be launching new product lines in April inspired by our simian cousins, including the durable Gorilla, the enigmatic Mandrill, and, for the adventurous, the Baboon.

A top secret product is rumoured to still be in development for release later in the year - Hollower Monkey.

Stay safe!

- The Primate Team