We helped Diane reduce youth homelessness.

Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution
632 hours to complete

It’s not everyday you get to work on a project that will have a genuinely positive impact on people's lives and it was a privilege for us to be able to create the SCCR website. Not only did our work reach thousands of people but the project was nominated in the 2015 Marketing Society Star Awards.


We set out to build a digital hub that would act as a platform for SCCR to promote their cause, provide vital information, and help families in Scotland overcome relationship breakdown. Specifically we wanted to:

  • Grow awareness of SCCR and how they could support young people, parents, carers and professionals
  • Develop a wide-reaching strategy to make the SCCR brand highly accessible
  • Reduce family conflict and help young people avoid homelessness by empowering professionals to provide better help

Brand & illustration

With the help of Hannah Foley, we created a suite of illustrations that would be used across the SCCR website and marketing materials. Her style helped represent the cacophony of emotions our audience could often be feeling.


Right from the start we knew that SCCR, as a new charity, lacked the reputation and recognition of other organisations and would have to fight for a foothold in the third sector. Additionally, their target audience was wide, varied and contrasting; both young people and parents, along with professionals working in mediation and family support.

To overcome these challenges, we devised five key strategic points:

  • Craft a single web presence, visual style and tone of voice that would appeal to all audience types
  • Place usability at the heart of the website; creating an easy to navigate resource of information and help for everyone
  • Develop useful content and advice to attract and retain visitors; putting the visitor’s needs first to create a usable online tool
  • Design an email marketing plan, build a subscriber base and regularly drive those recipients back to the website for updated information
  • Run regular campaigns, leverage social media and increase engagement with young people who may be experiencing family conflict

A varied audience

A huge challenge faced by SCCR, and indeed by many charities, was how to cater to their wide and varied audience. In particular, the site had to help both young people and parents and careers.

This diversity meant we had to create a visual style and tone of voice that would appeal to both audience types. Content also had to be easily segmented, and clearly tailored to each audience group.


We crafted a grounded, honest, non-patronising visual style that would appeal to both young people, their parents and industry professionals. In order to convey sensitive matters in a real, non-patronising manner, we heavily utilised video across the site. They featured interviews from real people who had used the SCCR services.

Building upon our audience research, we developed content that would be fundamentally important to users. This included creating separate areas for young people and parents, each with specific advice. Professionals also gained access to a huge scope of training materials, resources, and events suited to their needs.

Bespoke quizzes with fun, vibrant themes but grounded in science were developed after the site launched. This allowed SCCR to continually promote their work and connect, in particularly, with young people and families.

An ongoing project

The site is constantly being enhanced. Since launch, we’ve added two new interactive quizzes that help young people and families understand their emotional state. A new conference section was also launch to support the SCCR annual National Conference.

“Our requirements for a bespoke interactive website were clearly understood and brought to life by the team at Primate. The team were a pleasure to work with, they are relaxed and professional, a pretty unique combination. Combine this with strategic vision, creativity and attention to detail and the result speaks for itself. Our website exceeded our expectations.”

Diane Marr
Network Development Manager