Alexander Taylor
Digital Strategist Intern

I joined Primate in the summer of 2018 as their first ever intern, undertaking my year long work experience programme for my degree in BSc Business Information Systems at Edinburgh Napier University. I’m hoping to pursue a full-time career as a Digital Strategist after I graduate.

My day-to-day activities include running our social media channels, handling our internal marketing, and helping devise search engine optimisation, social media, and marketing strategies for our clients. Although I’m new to the industry, it’s incredibly rewarding and exciting to be able to learn as I work on real projects and with real businesses.

Aside from digital strategy, my other passion in life is space exploration. I love NASA and I’ve been to the Kennedy Space Center four times, more recently visiting the Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibition. I also have two bag patches along with other NASA merchandise.

I get a real kick out of helping companies improve and grow their online presence. It’s a great feeling being able to make a real impact through my work.

Modest, tactful, generous, and charismatic. None of these words describe the Colobus Monkey that’s taking the fashion scene by storm as the first ever simian catwalk model.

After spending years perfecting his signature look, Pink Iron, in a mirror at home, Alexander is now able to flash it a moment’s notice to paralyze onlookers with its intensity. He’s currently in talks with the Congo military to try and weaponise his face.

As successful as he is vain, this Colobus Monkey believes that ape based modelling is the future of all fashion design.