Hannah Murphy
Account Executive

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m an account executive here at Primate. My role consists of helping our clients manage their projects, dealing with client queries and helping to solve any problems that may arise.

As a social anthropology graduate, I’m a qualified people-person and try to bring my enthusiasm for community and learning into my work at primate. I really enjoy working with people, and that’s why I feel compelled to give the best client service. One of the things I’ve been most impressed by since I joined the team here, is everyone’s commitment to collaboration and doing the best by our clients.

As well as working in client services, at times I will be assisting project managers to ensure smooth delivery of projects and ensuring quality is at the forefront of everything we produce. I am motivated by the thought of a smooth and successful project where the client is happy with their end product.

I am very excited to be a part of the Primate team and appreciate the opportunity to learn lots of new skills, meet wonderful new people and be part of some hugely exciting projects..

When I'm not working, I enjoy cooking for my friends, finding new coffee spots and playing touch rugby - that’s when I’ve not injured my ACL! This summer, I’m looking forward to improving my skills as a coach.

Active and attentive, this Capuchin is ready to get involved in any mischief that may come her way. Her wiseness allows her to seek out problems before they even happen and rectify them quickly.

It’s worth knowing that this primate is regarded as the smartest new world monkey, and that is no lie when it comes to our Hannah.

She can be found either sitting between the tropical forest tree branches or in the lowlands, wherever she is, she is at ease due to her adaptability to new surroundings.

This monkey is not afraid to make her voice heard; boisterous, high-spirited and zestful are just a few words to describe this force of nature. Hannah is heavily relied on to forage the highest quality fruits and leaves for her team to snack on and she never lets her troops go hungry. Committed to giving 110% in everything she does, this capuchin is definitely more than just a superstar from the hit series, ‘Friends’.