Reece Jones
Sprintr Developer

Hey, I’m Reece, and technically I work for Sprintr, not Primate. But seeing as we all work so closely together from the same office, it’s pretty much the same thing. Still, as much as I enjoy following client projects, my focus is always 100% on driving and improving Sprintr, our very own project management tool.

I’m a full stack developer, covering everything from front-end markup and JavaScript to backend Ruby code and server configuration. As the only Sprintr developer, I need to be able to cover all bases and fill any development role required for the product. It’s a good thing I enjoy problem solving as there are certainly plenty of challenges in developing something of this magnitude!

Although I’m technically a Primate by proxy, I love our culture and office atmosphere. Being treated as a real human with compassion and a relaxed confidence in one’s skills brings out the best in people. I enjoy the autonomy and trust I’ve been given over a product so intrinsic to the business.

I’m a closet YouTube star, running a video channel which is about to reach 100,000 views.

A human originally, Dr Jones accidentally transformed himself into a Japanese Macaque by mistakenly carrying monkey DNA through the teleportation machine he just created.

Struggling to adjust to his new simian life, Reece is going slowly mad. Most recently he’s started conducting hideous experiments on unwitting candidates in an attempt to revert his condition.

A highly unstable genius, this Japanese Macaque is on the FBI's most wanted list for turning dozens of humans into bizarre mutant monkey hybrids. He affectionately refers to them as Macreeces.