Bart Oleszczyk
Technical Director

Hi, I’m Bart. I co-founded Primate in 2011 with Espen and Gordon but I’ve been working following the same principles since around 2006. I just didn’t have these guys and the company name yet.

I need to be challenged and I’m constantly pushing those around me. The most important project is always the one in front of me and I give it my all. We take on work that others wouldn’t and we usually don’t regret it. It’s about progress and experimentation. It’s about leading the changes in the industry.

I’m proud to work with a team of developers who are just as good at talking to clients as they are at coding. It’s vital that we all work together as a single team if we’re going to push the boundaries of development whilst still creating genuinely useful products.

Occasionally, I say things nobody else dares to and pretend it was a lapsus linguae to observe the reaction.

After beating his captor to death with a makeshift wooden club, Bart masterminded a successful prison breakout, leading his fellow chimpanzees to their long awaited freedom.

Due to years of devising complex traps and deadly ambushes, Bart is infamous for his ingenuity and cunning, qualities matched only by his taciturn demeanor.

A master of intricate tools and makeshift explosives, this chimpanzee is considered by many to be not only highly intelligent but also incredibly dangerous.