Rebecca McIntyre-Smith
Managing Partner

Hi, I’m Rebecca, I’m responsible for pitching for new business & growing our agency. I work closely with the team to develop digital strategy for larger projects, oh and I’m also responsible for Primate Presents, our talks-with-drinks. I'm pretty busy.

I get a kick from pitching to new clients, knowing what our team is capable of achieving. The crazy new tech and design ideas that they throw into the mix, for both clients and our own work, gets me excited. But I get a bigger buzz from watching our agency grow; in experience, in people, in results.

I love our can-do attitude; unconventional start-up or big established corporate? We’ll happily consider working with you. Everyone could be the next big thing and I firmly believe in business-karma.

My specialism is relationship building - aka talking. I have a background in Journalism so I also write, I just prefer talking. I make no apologies for being a prolific over-sharer and by far the noisiest in the office.

Sadistic, cruel and vicious, this Queen of the Lemurs has no mercy and gives no quarter. Absolute ruler of the island of Madagascar, Rebecca commands an army of loyal primates with an iron grip, extinguishing the mere notion of disobedience through deft negotiation, force of will and, when necessary, savage biting.

Insatiable and relentless, this ring-tailed lemur considers world dominance not an as aspiration but a simple fact waiting to happen.