Rafal Zielinski
Senior Developer

Hi there, I’m Rafal. I’m a senior frontend developer here at Primate, specialising in CSS, organic animations, user interfaces, and intuitive digital experiences. As part of our inclusive and autonomous working environment, I’m also getting a chance to work with Ruby on Rails and other cutting edge backend technologies, something I find very exciting.

I’ve been working with web technologies for over 10 years and I need to keep moving forward and progressing my skills. There’s nothing worse than standing still. I love the fact that we’re constantly pushing ourselves, trying new things, and embracing new technologies and ways of working. The digital world changes quickly and you need to be at the forefront.

They say hard work is its own reward but I get a real kick out of knowing my frontend code is being used by thousands of people. It’s a great feeling to see your interfaces being interacted with on a daily basis.

An open secret is that I love to cook, especially Asian cuisine. If I wasn’t a developer, I’d be running my own restaurant somewhere, for sure.

Legend tells a story that 300 years ago, in feudal Japan, there once lived a Black Lion Tamarin samurai. Disgraced by false accusations and his family murdered, this once noble warrior was forced to flee with his surviving infant son and become rōnin.

Traversing the country with his child in a baby cart, Rafal embraced the life of an assassin, seeking bloody vengeance on those who had betrayed him. Merciless, remorseless, unwavering, this monkey father once made his crawling son choose between a sword and revenge, or a toy and death.

A true tragedy, the tale of this Black Lion Tamarin exists to remind us that nothing good can ever come out of revenge.