Gill Somerville
Office Manager

Hi, I’m Gill and ‘I’m simply the best… daaaa, daa, da, da’. I’m a Tina Turner impressionist (wig ‘n’ all) and the Office Manager at Primate, which means I keep the place organised and the business ticking over.

I smile coming into work, and not everyone can say that. We care about producing great work as much as the well-being of our staff. And not many companies even consider that, never mind live by it.

The culture at Primate is supportive, friendly and relaxed, and it’s an environment we’re proud of. I really respect and believe in our philosophy, and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such a talented group of people.

Day to day, I organise our office to support and allow our team to thrive. For me, it’s all about making everything as easy as possible for the team to deliver, in a helpful and cheery manner.

Specialism; organisation, organisation, organisation.

Immortal, this yellow-tailed woolly monkey is more goddess than ape.

The progenitor of her kind, Gill was entombed 10,000 years ago by jealous witch doctors. Awakened recently into the New World by a daring explorer, the Mother of Primates will help usher her offspring back to their rightful place as the dominate species on Earth.

When not sharing pearls of wisdom, Gill can be found nurturing her fellow apes with words of encouragement.