Colin Smith
Account Manager

Hi, I’m Colin, Primate’s Account Manager. You’ll probably get to know me pretty well as I work closely with our clients to help them realise their goals. I guide them through our project process and beyond into on-going maintenance and enhancements, ensuring the end user and business objectives are always at the forefront of our work. Suffice to say, my job gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Account Management is often misunderstood. If done badly, it can be little more than a barrier to communication. But if done well, it adds a tremendous amount of value and insight. At Primate our philosophy is that Account Management shouldn’t get in the way of our team working with our clients but rather that it should support the project with bigger, longterm, more commercial thinking.

When not at work, I love to escape to the countryside. There’s nothing quite like venturing into the Scottish Highlands and gallivanting around the hills to gain some perspective on life.

The best thing about my job is being able to help clients realise their objectives and implementing a strategy to do so. I also love fighting the client’s corner if necessary!

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