Colin Bonner
Senior Developer

I came to the UK in 2017, packing up my life in Canada and moving here due to a healthy dose of wanderlust. I love everything about Edinburgh, the people, the culture, the weather. People say Scotland is cold but honestly… no.

I’m a frontend developer which means I’m responsible for interpreting the work of the design team into tangible HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm motivated by the intrinsic reward in creating something. When you build something you're in a way bringing some unprecedented entity into the universe and that's pretty neat.

The best part about Primate is the environment of learning and change. When we're starting a build, although we have go-to methodologies, nothing is set in stone and we can always check out the bleeding edge for cool new web technology to make our projects better.

The most challenging part of the job is not saying sorry when I don't immediately have a solution to a problem, but that's just part of being Canadian.

Outside of work I love to create music of all sorts and mess with all forms of audio. The team haven’t realised how much of a noisy person I am, always tapping, singing, or humming. But they’ll come to realise that soon.

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