Cristiano Crolla
Junior Developer

Hi, I’m Cristiano and I’m a frontend developer. I work closely with the design team to implement the visual elements users interact with on websites. I specialise in CSS, which is the foundation for controlling all elements on a site.

Before joining Primate I was working freelance, so I’m enjoying the switch to being part of a supportive, close knit team. My colleagues are always there to help and I appreciate having the time and flexibility to develop my skills on the job.

The most challenging part of my role is learning a new approach and framework, but it’s also the most exciting. I like the idea that I’m only one small part of a larger picture in the website development cycle.

I enjoy spending my downtime gaming and talking to friends online. Having worked front of house at various restaurants in the past, I also love food and cooking at home.

Human by day, Japanese Macaque by night, Cristiano the were-monkey is constantly tormented by the duality of his nature: mild-mannered man when the sun is shining, vicious blood curdling ape when the moon is out.

Bitten by a recluse monkey while on holiday in Kyushu, Cristiano first noticed his condition when he went to bed that night and was stricken by the horrific sensation of an ape trying to claw its way out of this body. Moments later, a blood crazed Japanese Macaque ripped out of his skin and being terrorising the locals.

Although never proven, it's rumoured that Cristiano can only sustain himself by eating the hearts of his victims. Beware!