Jenken Kwok

I’m a developer which means I spend my days manifesting designs into fully functioning sites built from the ground up. I work closely with our PMs, designers, and other developers to meet client requirements, build products that we’re proud of, and have fun along the way.

My specialism is in front end but I’ve also been getting a lot of exposure to back end development recently as we’re all pretty hands on here at Primate. Develing into technologies that I’ve never used before is always a learning curve and a challenge but it’s also where the fun is! It’s very rewarding being able to work with cutting edge technologies in addition to the more commonplace ones.

I love the team at Primate but then I suppose everyone says that. Still, my colleagues are genuinely awesome and becoming a better developer, not just for myself but for those around me, is a great motivating factor. Being able to create, learn, and constantly progress is one of the reasons I got into the industry.

Good coffee makes me happy and, when I’m not exploring coffee shops, you’ll probably catch me practising latte art. Did I mention I like a challenge??

Awakening 300 years in the future, this mandrill cyborg has no recollection of his creation other than the knowledge that his squishy human brain resides in a powerful robotic Berserker body.

Seeking an understanding of his own existence, Jenken fights to protect the weak and eradicate the corrupt. Whilst seemingly gentle and meek, he has no hesitation in activating Ultimate Battle Mode to protect his co-workers and slaughter his enemies.

Elegant and majestic, this mandrill vows justice for all, no matter the cost. But can he hold onto his humanity as he begins to revel in his own bloodlust?