Maroussia Menant

Hello, I’m Maroussia, one of Primate’s designers. My role is to imagine and create, always striving to go further than the initial brief in order to solve problems for our clients using graphic design. I work closely with Steve on all aspects of our design work, from concept and exploration through to end production and illustration.

I moved from France to join Primate and (aside from your bizarre QWERTY keyboards) I’m loving my new life in Scotland. The team here is the most friendly team I’ve ever worked with and it’s the first time I’ve felt so welcome at a workplace. They trust me and give me responsibility, allowing me to constantly develop my skills. On top of that, there are always new projects to work on, meaning my working day is never dull. I think the most challenging aspect of my job is trying to satisfy the client whilst staying creative and evolunationary. We’re never satisfied with the status quo and want to keep pushing clients, their businesses, and our work forward. Challenging convention isn’t always easy but I believe it’s what sets us apart from everyone else out there.

I’ve been drawing since I was eight and love to explore different illustration styles. Whether it’s digitally or with a pencil, artistic or comic, illustration is both a passion and specialism of mine.

Awakening 300 years in the future, this Mandrill cyborg has no recollection of her creation other than the knowledge that her squishy human brain resides in a powerful robotic Berserker body.

Seeking an understanding of her own existence, Maroussia fights to protect the weak and eradicate the corrupt. Whilst seemingly gentle and meek, she has no hesitation in activating Ultimate Battle Mode to protect her co-workers and slaughter her enemies.

Elegant and majestic, this Mandrill vows justice for all, no matter the cost. But can she hold onto her humanity as she begins to revel in her own bloodlust?