Mike Hibbert
Account Manager

I’m Mike, Primate’s Account Manager. I’m the go-to person for client queries, big or small, and help to solve problems and build strategies. Behind the scenes, I manage project updates and changes through our team of developers and designers.

The best part about my job is flexing my problem-solving and conceptual thinking skills—taking large-scale ideas and breaking them down into fine levels of detail and a plan of action. It’s satisfying to find the path needed to ensure everything is done on time and done well.

My fantastic colleagues make that last part easy. They are all experts in their specialisms, generous with their time and happy to share their knowledge and advice to achieve amazing results.

It’s refreshing to work as part of a team motivated to help people tackle digital challenges and create better products that improve businesses. I enjoy the level of autonomy and trust I have within this—managing clients and my own workload to add real value to projects.

Outside of work, I love going out for meals and drinks with friends—something I’ve definitely missed recently. I’m also big into surfing and try to get down to Cornwall to surf as often as I can, although the best place I’ve surfed is Bali.

A human originally, Dr Hibbert accidentally transformed himself into a colobus monkey by mistakenly carrying simian DNA through the teleportation machine he just created.

Struggling to adjust to his new simian life, Mike is going slowly mad. Most recently he’s started conducting hideous experiments on unwitting candidates in an attempt to revert his condition.

A highly unstable genius, this colobus monkey is on the FBI's most wanted list for turning dozens of humans into bizarre mutant monkey hybrids. He affectionately refers to them as his 'children'.