Scott Postlethwaite
Project Manager

Hi, I’m Scott and I’m a Project Manager at Primate. I’m in charge of ensuring our smaller sized projects are delivered smoothly while also keeping on top of the team’s maintenance schedule.

As a trained software engineer, I’ve got a knack for foreshadowing the pain points of a project and mitigating these so everything runs to budget, is delivered on time, and meets all requirements before being sent to a client. The most challenging part of my role is differentiating myself from my work and switching off.

The vision of the end result motivates me to do my best work – there’s nothing more satisfying to me than seeing something I’ve worked hard on out there in the world. Speaking of motivation, being part of a supportive team has pushed me to progress my skills – my colleagues here are a great source of encouragement and drive me to excel in what I do. I’ve loved getting involved with some of the fantastic charities we work with at Primate. It allows me to use my skills to give back to the community in a rewarding way I never thought possible.

When I’m not at work I like to get active outside, and you can find me tearing up local mountain bike trails or upside down at a skatepark. Dogs also bring joy to my life. So much so that I’ve been suspended from a dogspotting Facebook group for posting too many photos. It’s not my fault there are so many good bois in the city!

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