Tamsin Broughton
Operations Director

Hi, I’m Tamsin, Operations Director at Primate and I get a kick out of getting things done! I lead the output of the entire studio, and I am responsible for project delivery, resourcing, and quality control. I look at ‘how’ we do things, identifying, crafting and influencing change where needed for optimal delivery. I ensure the smooth running of the day to day business operation.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry across both client and agency, the stand out thing I have learnt in that time is the importance of building strong, trusted and lasting relationships. This partnership approach with our clients drives out the best possible solutions that are delivered, on time and on budget.

I care most about our people and clients, but a close second is the quality and value of our output. Someone needs to keep an eye on the operating margin while maintaining our high standards, so we can be around for a lot longer providing fabulous solutions for our fabulous clients.

The best thing about my job is the people, the people, the people! Both within the agency and our clients. Working somewhere where people are always considered first is so refreshing and rewarding. I look forward to going to work everyday and love seeing team members find their feet and flourish.

Something that no one at primate will know about me is that I have lived in: Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, America and Dubai. When I'm not working, I like to have fun with my little (constantly challenging) girl, rescue (sometimes challenging) doggie, friends (never challenging) and family (well….you don’t get to choose them).

Known for her distinctive red hair, this Orangutan spends most of her time high up in the treetops overseeing the work of her fellow primates. With her long, powerful arms, Tamsin is able to reach out and help her troops when they need that little extra push. If there is a problem or blocker, she can hone in immediately to the heart of the issue and use her pliability to find a solution through collaboration, effective communication and visualisation.

Patient and gentle, this majestic beauty uses her exceptional intelligence and experience with ease - some say it is as if she has two pairs of hands!

It’s no secret that Orangutans are an endangered species and this is no exception when it comes to Tamsin. This loyal, caring and talented Orangutan is known for miles around for her hard work, fearless attitude and admirable boldness.