Thomas Moore
Junior Developer

Hi I’m Thomas and I'm the junior web developer here at Primate. I enjoy both the creative and visual aspect of front-end development, as well as the problem-solving required for back-end. I get to work closely with the other developers, project managers and designers to reach the desired end goal.

I enjoy working with and being part of a big team. I’m also super excited to learn more about web development. Everyday is a school day, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to the web. I enjoy being challenged and always strive to turn out the best possible work, I’m excited to be a part of Primate.

Having worked in IT before, I have experience working with various technologies and delivering big projects. This experience has allowed me to gain a better understanding of what truly makes a good project and develop a good eye for attention to the finer details. I feel passionate about bringing client's creations to life, exactly how they envisioned it and find it rewarding when you know you’ve satisfied not just their needs, but their wants too.

I really enjoy music. So, when I’m not working I like to play the guitar and attend gigs. In my free time I play a lot of video games, a favourite of mine at the moment is Valorant.

Intelligent, friendly and good-hearted, this majestic male baboon can turn any webpage from sorry tin to solid gold.

Spending much of his time on the ground, this hard working Baboon is able to juggle many tasks at once. With his distinct sharp canine teeth and dog-like muzzle, Thomas can really get his teeth into any project, turning it into something you’ll not forget in a hurry. His features may sound scary, but behind the facade, this primate is softer than a cuddly teddy bear.

He loves spending time discovering with his fellow troops and is as companionable as they come.