Hi, I’m Blair and I’m a Designer at Primate. It’s my job to help our clients craft digital experiences that communicate clearly and look amazing.

I joined the team in the summer of 2020, but that is not where my story with Primate begins. I’ve known Gordon, Bart and Espen since the early days of Primate and have worked with them as a freelance designer since 2012. I’ve always enjoyed working alongside the amazing people at Primate, and with the world's quick adoption of remote working, I’m thrilled to be an official member of the team.

I really enjoy collaborating with the team and getting technical as well as creative. Good communication between design and development is essential to producing the best work. So, working closely with our developers has allowed me to take skills from my background in print and brand design and apply them to digital design.

When I'm not working, I can still be found creating things - So if I'm not sitting on my computer, you’ll probably find me in my other workshop making a lot of saw dust, noise and even some furniture sometimes.

This rare, mystifying creature is one of a kind. This primate looks as though he has been digitally designed by the monkey gods.

Known for being super friendly and outgoing, along with their superior level of graphic intelligence, this striking monkey keeps everyone on their toes - you can never be sure of what is to come next! He thrives under pressure, enjoys being part of a big troop and is always quick on his feet to come up with the solutions.

So while you might not not always see this primate, you know that he’s working away in the background to provide his troops with the best outcome.